Lipo Battery For Team Associated RC Car

Team Associated

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Team Associated is the industry leader in race-level competition vehicles in a variety of sizes, ranging from diminutive 1:18 scale to serious nitro-thundering 1:8 scale machines. Team Associated’s vehicles ride on road and off road, and are powered by electric motors and nitro engines. Team Associated’s race-winning offerings include buggies, touring cars, monster trucks, and realistic-looking Short Course trucks. 

Gens Ace offer the best lipo battery for Team Associated vehicles, include Truck , Buggy, Monster Truck, Touring Car, GT/GTP & F1, receiver battery and so on, you can find the most suitable Lipo battery for your RC car models.

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Lipo Battery For RC10SC5M Team Kit

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LiPo Battery for Enduro RTR


Lipo battery for RC10B64 Series Truggy

Lipo battery for RC10B6 Series Truggy

Lipo battery for Limited Edition Nomad DB8

Lipo Battery For RC8B3.1e Team Kit

Lipo battery for RC8.2e Brushless Ready-To-Run RC Buggy

Touring Car

Lipo Battery  For APEX Lexus RC F Brushless Touring Car

Lipo Battery for TC7.1 Factory Team Touring Car

Lipo Battery For TC4 Club Racer Race Roller

GT/GTP &  F1

Lipo Battery For RC12R6 Factory Team

Lipo Battery For RC10 F6 Factory Team


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  • Detailed Specs
    Capacity(mAh): 400
    Voltage(V): 7.4V
    Discharge Rate (C): 35C
    Connector Type: JST
    Length(±5mm): 46
    Width(±2mm): 19
    Height(±2mm): 11.3
    Net Weight(±20g): 17
  • Gens Ace 7.2V 5000mAh Ni-MH Battery with Tamiya Plug

    SKU:  GEANM6S5000T

    Part #:  NIMH-5000-7.2V-TMYGEANM6S5000T

    Detailed Specs
    Capacity(mAh): 5000
    Voltage(V): 7.2
    Discharge Rate (C): /
    Connector Type: Tamiya
    Length(±5mm): 142
    Width(±2mm): 48.5
    Height(±2mm): 25.5
    Net Weight(±20g): 424
  • Detailed Specs
    Capacity(mAh): 4600
    Voltage(V): 7.4V
    Discharge Rate (C): 60C
    Connector Type: 4.0mm bullet to XT60
    Length(±5mm): 95
    Width(±2mm): 46.6
    Height(±2mm): 25
    Net Weight(±20g): 196g
  • Gens Ace Adventure 1100mAh 2S1P 7.4V 35C Lipo Battery Pack with JST-PHR Plug

    SKU:  GEA3511002SJS

    Part #:  GA-B-35C-1100-2S1P-JSTPHRGEA3511002SJS

    Detailed Specs
    Capacity(mAh): 1100
    Voltage(V): 7.4V
    Discharge Rate (C): 35C
    Connector Type: JST-PHR
    Length(±5mm): 57
    Width(±2mm): 30
    Height(±2mm): 17
    Net Weight(±20g): 60
  • Gens ace Redline Series 6000mAh 15.2V 130C 4S2P HardCase HV Lipo Battery

    SKU:  GEA60004S13S

    Part #:  GA-R-130C-6000-4S2P-HC69-HVGEA60004S13S

    Detailed Specs
    Capacity(mAh): 6000
    Voltage(V): 15.2
    Discharge Rate (C): 130C
    Connector Type: 5.0 bullet
    Length(±5mm): 97.8
    Width(±2mm): 46.8
    Height(±2mm): 46.8
    Net Weight(±20g): 410
  • Gens ace Lipo Redline Drag Race 9000mAh 7.4V 200C 2S6P with QS8 Plug

    SKU:  GEA90002S20QS8

    Part #:  GA-DRAG-200C-9000-2S6P-QS8GEA90002S20QS8

    Detailed Specs
    Capacity(mAh): 9000
    Voltage(V): 7.4
    Discharge Rate (C): 200
    Connector Type: QS8
    Length(±5mm): 92
    Width(±2mm): 43.5
    Height(±2mm): 64.5
    Net Weight(±20g): 530
  • Gens ace Lipo Redline Drag Race 7500mAh 7.4V 200C 2S5P with QS8 Plug

    SKU:  GEA75002S20QS8

    Part #:  GA-DRAG-200C-7500-2S5P-QS8GEA75002S20QS8

    - +
    (20 < stock < 100)

    Detailed Specs
    Capacity(mAh): 7500
    Voltage(V): 7.4
    Discharge Rate (C): 200
    Connector Type: QS8
    Length(±5mm): 92
    Width(±2mm): 43
    Height(±2mm): 54.5
    Net Weight(±20g): 465
  • Gens Ace 8.4V 5000mAh Ni-MH Battery Flat Style with Deans Plug

    SKU:  GEANM7S5000DF

    Part #:  NIMH-5000-8.4V-Deans-FGEANM7S5000DF

    - +
    (stock > 100)

    Detailed Specs
    Capacity(mAh): 5000
    Voltage(V): /
    Discharge Rate (C): /
    Connector Type: Deans
    Length(±5mm): 162
    Width(±2mm): 48
    Height(±2mm): 24
    Net Weight(±20g): 488