Tattu, the official battery for the Sharjah Drone Racing Champions Event, in partnership with MultiGP Drone Racing, in Sharjah UAE.

iMars Dual

GensAce iMars Dual Channel AC/DC Smart Balance RC Battery Charger, capable of 15 amp charge rates, worldwide 100V-240V voltage versatility, AC 200 Watts, DC 600 Watts. Lightweight design allows you to quickly charge the battery anywhere, anytime.

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  • Gens ace iMars Dual Channel AC200W/DC300Wx2 Balance Charger White


    Part #:  GEA200WDUAL-UW

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    (stock > 100)

    Detailed Specs
    Capacity(mAh): /
    Voltage(V): /
    Discharge Rate (C): /
    Connector Type:
    Length(±5mm): 145
    Width(±2mm): 76
    Height(±2mm): 62
    Net Weight(±20g): 530