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400mAh Lipo

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  • Gens Ace 400mAh 2S 7.4V 35C Adventure Series Lipo Battery Pack with JST Plug for RC Crawler

    SKU:  GEA354002SJS

    Part #:  GA-B-35C-400-2S1P-JSTGEA354002SJS

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    Detailed Specs
    Capacity(mAh): 400
    Voltage(V): 7.4V
    Discharge Rate (C): 35C
    Connector Type: JST
    Length(±5mm): 46
    Width(±2mm): 19
    Height(±2mm): 11.3
    Net Weight(±20g): 17
  • Gens ace 400mAh 2S 60C 7.4V Lipo Battery Pack with JST-XHR Plug

    SKU:  GEA4002S60JST

    Part #:  GA-B-60C-400-2S1P-JSTGEA4502S45JS

    Detailed Specs
    Capacity(mAh): 400
    Voltage(V): 7.4
    Discharge Rate (C): 60
    Connector Type: JST-XHR
    Length(±5mm): 41
    Net Weight(±20g): 18