Make your battery use more efficiency: Tattu Plus

Sep 29th 2015

There must be lots and lots of Tattu big UAV battery users! There must be lots and lots of Tattu big UAV battery users want Tattu have new function on the battery. There must be lots and lots more requirements for Tattu battery! Yes, Tatttu Plus is your answer! Before we start to say something about Tattu Plus, let’s first answer some basic questions! tattu plus, smart battery Q: Anyone could tell what is smart battery? Tattu Plus: Smart battery also is called intelligent battery! With the technology development, “smart conception” is a trend that everyone wants life become easier and simple. To smart battery, that means, it can self discharge when you store it at full battery, it can self balance whether the temperature....etc. Smart battery is not only help you to enjoy a better using experience but also makes battery life longer and battery quality increase to a higher level, Q: What makes the battery smart? Tattu Plus: You got the point! It is the BMS, battery management system, which makes you use battery in a smart way! With BMS, you can get lots of indications of the battery status. Q: How do people know the battery using status? Tattu Plus: Smart question! There is an indicator light. With this indicator light, you can know the status of battery! Press the button. The led light will blink to tell you the battery capacity, the circuit or the cell whether they are ready to be working. Also you can know form the led light, when you go to some place where in the extreme temperature. The light will blink to show whether it is recommended to be used in the place. What’s more, when the battery is in low battery it will also blink to remind you to charge in order to protect it. Tattu plus feature, Tattu Plus alert function Q: Is there a self discharge feature? Tattu Plus: Yes! This is a widely wanted requirement! Most users when they want to store the battery, they may not care whether the battery is in full battery or so. Once they want to store battery, while the batter is at full power, this will be not safe to store. So the battery itself with the BMS will start self-discharge! Cool?! It will self discharge the battery at a safe level for stock! Q: How about any solution here by the BMS can protect battery from puffing? Tattu plus: This is a very common problem to most battery users! Most battery are facing puffing problem. To help users reduce the possibility of battery from puffing. Smart battery, Tattu Plus also have the function with the indicator to remind you! No puff of Tattu Plus Well, Smart battery this conception has come our for a while. Tattu Plus follows the trend and owns the technology ability to give you a better battery using experience.