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How To Extend Your Drone Battery Lifespan?

May 19th 2016

With the high science and technology development, the price of drone is lower and lower but it’s more and more advanced. However, there is a big problem-battery lifespan all hobbies face when flying drones. To all the batteries and drones manufacturers surprised, the short lifespan problems caused mostly by the pilots careless and ignorant management, and have no idea about how to protect and extend the batteries lifespan. Then how to extend your drones battery lifespan? Here we go: 2

TIP 1: Never overcharge your battery

Lipos (the types of batteries on most drones) are serious business. They are highly volatile, prone to damage and can cause fires. Despite highly responsible ownership, a lipo battery is still thought to be the cause of a fire that burned down an RC shop in San Diego, and numerous videos show other accidents involving lips. And fire caused when they are charging without paying attention to its charge state.If you let them alone to charge for a long time, it’s likely that they can explode and result in a fire. The first stages of overcharging will cause your battery to puff up, become swollen or otherwise misshapen. If your battery appears puffy, responsibly dispose of the RC lipo battery immediately.   So overcharging is potentially dangerous, and also do harm to your drone battery life extremely. So never over charge them till spontaneously ignited, then all things will get terribly horrible.

3 TIP 2: Charge your battery in time

You can’t let your battery drain automatically without any care and charge your drone’s battery right before you’re about to use it. It can ruin your battery when has empty capacity for a long time. So even you won’t use them for a long time, you need to charge them periodically. But don’t fully charge the battery. Instead, charge it only 60% of the way and store it in a safe place. Then, when you’re ready to fly, finish charging it to maximum capacity. At the same time, you need to get a good charger which fit your battery a lot. Charge times tend to be relative to the capacity of the battery. You can shorten charge time by using a charger with a higher output, which is indicated by amps. For example, the DJI Phantom 2 charger is 2 amps and it will take 1h to 1.5h to charge the battery. Using an aftermarket charger that charges at 6 amps would cut down the charge time by over half. Proceed with caution when charging your drone battery.

TIP 3: Get seperated drone battery

This tip why it’s better to get seperated battery for your drones is because that even one battery damaged or worn, it doesn’t have an impact on the other batteries. Then it will reduce losses cost and protect your drones better. This will in other way to extend your battery lifespan. Obviously that many drone makers including DJI and Yuneec have recently started using seperated “Smart Batteries” for their drones, which can not only meaning every battery is respectively seperated, but also display remaining battery capacity. Additionally, power management is handled internally so the battery doesn’t require a separate balance lead to control charging. Tattu Smart battery is highly recommended to you. 1

Tip 4: Choose a larger capacity battery

Most drones will equipped with a lower or mid capacity battery to reduce the cost in that drone. These batteries usually do not offer a long flight time or are made up of good high quality rechargeable cells. So we recommend to go at least the next higher or two steps up in capacity in your drone than what was supplied originally. However one thing to keep in mind here is to pay attention to the weight of the battery and make sure to not add to much weight.

Tip 5: Reduce the whole drone’s weight

You can install the camera to the drone when it is needed. If you are just flying your drone to enjoy it and not trying to capture any video then leave the camera off. The camera will not only add more weight but it also drains the battery due to it needing to be powered to run. And the reducing weight will reduce the harm when drones fall down. The above tips for protecting battery life and drones are very important to us, or the battery is easily damage or dead in a short time. And buy a good quality brand like Tattu, Bonka or Turnigy is very important to have a longer lifespan.