Gens ace Tattu Plus 22000mAh 6s Smart Battery Review

May 12th 2016

Gen ace as a well-known aircraft, drone, and RC model battery brand, gets a good consistent recognition and favor with its excellent battery performance and quality. It is believed that a lot of people will choose Gens ace for their important equipment. In recent years, due to the domestic market of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Increasing dramatically, the choice of drone’s battery is a hot topic in this field. If the flight control system of drone is "brain", then the battery is undoubtedly provide "heart". So when we choose "heart" for the main equipment DJI S1000, considering their market share, stability, after-sales service and many aspects, we finally decide and insist on using Grepow’s Tattu series dedicated drones battery.

1Gens Ace Tattu series dedicated drones battery

We still felt pretty surprised when knowing Grepow beginning to develop Smart battery. After all, smart battery is widely used in some of the finished product, or an integrated equipment. These smart battery indeed has convenient installation, easy maintenance, high integration, comprehensive information, beautiful appearance and so on advantages, but the high prices also bring a lot of economic pressure to hobbies. At the same time, these smart battery don’t have good generality like the ordinary battery. In our opinion, the Grepow decide to do smart battery when they have done well in the ordinary batteries, certainly they have their strategic plan and consideration. After all, smart trend is the development trend of the market and even the whole society. Today we are happy to get one piece of Tattu Plus 25C 22000mAh 6S 22.2 V smart battery, then we can compare it with the same ordinary Tattu batteries and provide a review for hobbies reference. This compared assessment only represent my personal point of view, your any suggestion or correction is highly appreciated. Firstly, we need to open this package, the familiar black gold color matching the always shows Grepow’s high-end style. 2 Compare the out packing of smart battery and the ordinary battery, it’s obvious that the smart battery packing larger one time than the ordinary one, and the sticker and design also changed accordingly. 3 Open the outer packing, the inner lining material of smart battery is more strong, which can effectively avoid the battery from damage in the process of transportation. 4 To avoid knock against in the process of transportation, the smart battery especially uses air bag lining to pack, to ensure a good the anti-seismic effect. 5 Take the smart batteries lining apart, we can see the iconic function buttons and indicator light which is differ from ordinary batteries. But take notice, this button is not with functions of switch, as long as you connect the plug to the power cord, this battery can directly supply power to the device. 6 The very sweet thing is that the wire is welded directly on the DJI series dedicated on Spreading Wings AS150 and XT150 joint. 7 The appearance of the batteries looks nice which has a framework wrapped smart head and cells. The design of frame is perfect, it won’t get deformation easily when press, and has good strength, so the material inside may have carbon. Certainly that this frame length, width and height is much larger that the ordinary one. The weight is increased at the same time: the weight of ordinary batteries is 2537 grams, and smart battery 2690 grams. What will cause when increase the weight of the battery, please see below. 8 9 The battery balancing charger designed into plug-pull style, when we use, we can take down this wire, of course, it can also be left on the charger, it is up to you. 10 The specification introduces the product function and attention simply , here we take a few to highlight: 1. The state indicator light is very informative, it can not only show the battery power, but also can have over-voltage remind, low-voltage remind, low temperature remind, over-warm remind, cells serious imbalance alarm and esc. functions. The commonly battery basic using information can be showed out. 2. One step storage and intelligent storage function is actually press-button discharge and automatic discharge function, either way, the battery will discharge to preserve voltage, so it’s easier to maintain and help to prolong lifespan. As far as I am concerned, this function is the essence of smart battery, because the higher capacity and voltage battery, the more time and effort we need to take. A battery can discharge precisely to preserve voltage automatically is also quite good. 3. Smart self-repairing function, the smart battery can repair unbalancing cells automatically to make all cells have the same voltage. After opening the package, I test the performance of this Gens Ace battery itself and the auxiliary self balancing function, the balance precision is reliable, so I plan to use for sometime to check if it can maintain this level. 11 Test this smart battery by connect to drones, the carrier drone is S1000 +, it is more scientific and technological after intall the battery in. Then, let’s see the comparison data after testing. Test environment: -10°C, breeze, in wilderness. Test battery: a piece of brand new Tattu 22000mAh smart battery, and a piece of charge and discharge about 10 times Tattu 22000mAh ordinary battery. Test results: In normal flight route, and two nearly same routes, the ordinary batteries fly about 7 minutes, and the smart batteries fly about 9 minutes and fall down at the same voltage. The smart battery has a batter voltage recovery consistency than the ordinary one. In the whole flight process, there is no significant difference in the battery discharge linearity. 12 In general, this smart battery has a very great improvement in its craft, and keep ordinary battery’s performance of efficiency, stability and other advantages. In terms of balance batteries, intelligent battery is more outstanding, discharging automatically, balance automatically and other function is the highlight of this battery. Certainly, we all hope that the manufacturer will strengthen the performance of this smart battery on its basis, no matter from software updating or hardware updating, then, a more cost-effective smart battery will have stronger competitiveness in the market. More about 22000mah smart battery: