Get Free Imars Dual Charger with a purchase of over $1000

Get Free Imars Dual Charger with a purchase of over $1000

Posted by Gensace Tattu on Aug 10th 2022

To give users a first-hand look at the performance and features of Gens ace's new Imar Dual Channel Charger, we've prepared a number of free chargers, so get yours now!

Date: runs until 31 August 2022

Users: Individual customers and dealers

Campaign rule

During the period, a single order over $1000 on GensTattu US Official Website will receive 1 Imars Dual dual channel charger. Over $2000 you will receive 2 units, over $3000 get 3 units and so forth. Buy more, get more!

The system will automatically calculate the number of free chargers for you and the colors are randomized in black or white.

The following products are excluded from the campaign.

1. Tattu Tattu high capacity battery of over 8000mAh

2.TA1200 and TA1200U UAV/Drone chargers

3.Lokithor Jump Starter

This is a brief description of Gens ace Imars Dual Channel Charger, the maximum charging power is AC200W/DC600W, the 7 operating modes include charge, discharge, balance, storage, ExtDischarge, SyncCharging: 2-in-1 fast charging and digital power supply.

With its compact size and the flexibility of AC/DC input power, there are no more restrictions on where and when this charger can be used. The box includes EC5, EC3 Deans and built in XT60 connectors for each channel, so you don't need to pick and spend extra.

For more information on dual-channel chargers, please click on the feature page at