Tattu, the official battery for the Sharjah Drone Racing Champions Event, in partnership with MultiGP Drone Racing, in Sharjah UAE.


FAQ  -  How to log in


FAQ  -  How to choose your battery?


FAQ  -  How to place an order?


FAQ  -  What is Gens&Tattu’s satisfaction guarantee?


FAQ  -  What currency is the price in?


FAQ  -  How does the free shipping work? Which countries does Genstattu ship to?


FAQ  -  How do I contact Genstattu?


FAQ  -  How to become our dealers?


FAQ  -  When will I receive my order?


FAQ  -  Which Countries can buy from our online shop?



FAQ  -  Where can I enter the Promo Code?



FAQ  -  How to log in


1, Go to the top-right hand corner of the webpage and click Login. You will be directed to a new page that will prompt you to enter your login information.


2, If you do not have an account, Click Create Account and enter to the next step.

create-account.png3,Input personal information, and click Create Account, and then finish the registration and begin to order. 


Note: Our website was migrated in Jan. If you have an account before the migration, please click below link to reset your password before logging in.


FAQ  -  How to choose your battery?

1, Go to the drop down menu called Shop by Category on the left side of the page and select which battery you’re looking for. There are various filters that you can search by. LiPo batteries, for instance, can be filtered by the voltage, capacity, or series that you need.


2, You can also refine your choices by the different filters at the top of the page, such as by Car, Heli/Airplane, etc., at which point you can further hone your search with additional filters on the left hand side.

FAQ  -  How to place an order?

1. Add the batteries that you would like to order in your car by clicking Add to Cart.


 2, An automatic popup will show, and click Proceed to Check.


3, You can also go to My Cart on the top right hand side of the page and proceed to Check out now. my-cart.png

4, You will be directed to a new page with a summary of your cart.  Scroll down, and there will be options for you to estimate shipping costs and to enter a coupon code if applicable. Click Checkout when ready.

5, You will next be directed to a new page, where you will input your shipping information.  Once all information is filled out, various shipping methods will be available to choose from. You can even enter Order Comments if needed.



6, After filling out the Shipping information, you will be directed to a summary of your shipping and billing addresses. You will also be asked to submit your payment at the bottom, and finish your order.payment.png 

FAQ  -  What currency is the price?

The price listed is US dollars (USD).


FAQ  -  How do I get free shipping?

Free shipping will automatically apply for end customers if the order is a minimum of $49.00 before tax. Unless the customer indicates otherwise, the order will be shipped out via Standard Ground through FedEx, UPS, or USPS. Any other expedited shipping options that are selected will not be covered by free shipping.

FAQ  - What countries does Gens Ace & Tattu ship to?

We currently ship to the contiguous USA, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Canada.
Note: Orders shipped to HI, AK, or PR must be shipped by air, so additional air shipping costs are required (costs vary, prices provided at Check Out). 

FAQ  -   How do I contact Gens Ace & Tattu?

How do I contact Gens Ace & Tattu?

Gens Ace & Tattu has an office in the USA located in Livermore, California that provides after-sales customer service. The office address and contact number is below:

Gens Ace & Tattu
290 Lindbergh Ave
Livermore, CA 94551
+1 (925) 364-7166

The office can also be contacted via email or the live chat for further assistance. 

FAQ  -   How do I become a dealer with Gens Ace & Tattu?


How do I become a dealer with Gens Ace & Tattu?

Please send an email to with your interest, or give the California, US office a call at (925) 364-7166.

FAQ  -  When will I receive my order?

When will I receive my order?

Orders will generally take 1-3 days to ship out from our California, USA warehouse. Delivery times are not guaranteed and are entirely up to the discretion of FedEx, UPS, or USPS. Unless indicated otherwise, orders will typically ship out via ground. If you urgently need your order, there are other, faster shipping times available during Check Out.

The below transit times are not guaranteed and are only estimates based on the general shipping times that FedEx, UPS, or USPS take depending on location.

 If you are urgent for the package, pls choose 3 days select by FedEx 

Shipping Method         


Transit Time       


FedEx Ground


2-3 days


FedEx Ground


3-4 days


FedEx Ground


4-5 days


FedEx Ground


5 days


FedEx Ground


6 days


FedEx Ground


7 days


All times listed are estimates and are not guaranteed. Exact time varies with exact destination. All right reserves.

FAQ  -  Where can I enter the Promo Code?

Please click Coupon/Gift Certificate before CHECKOUT, you will see the space for discount codes.