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Shaving off hair and raising $1,000 for ASD Crawlers RC | Gens ace Team

Shaving off hair and raising $1,000 for ASD Crawlers RC | Gens ace Team

Aug 24th 2021

Will Erick wear a hat to work starting tomorrow?

To raise $1,100 for autistic children, Erick from Gensace Team donated his hair.

Pic from Rose Smith-King

ASD Crawlers RC is an RC group that was created with the mission to spread Autism Awareness. They organize several get-togethers and RC Crawling sessions to raise awareness of autism and provide financial assistance for programs that are urgently needed in the community. All proceeds from the event will go to the community center, of which Gensace is one of the main sponsors!

This event is being held for the fifth year (The 5th annual Autism Awareness Crawl 2021 #AAC21), has been very effective for the past four years and raised a record-breaking amount of funds.

At the event, this is the look of Erick before he shaved his didn't take long to say "goodbye" to his thick hair~

It started!

Erick's hair shave yesterday was so meaningful and they raised $1100 to donate for charity ~

Lovely Erick

Although this $1,100 is not a huge amount of funds for these children, hopefully, through Erick, we can bring attention to this race and to this group of people.

In the next AAC, we could see more people getting involved and providing help to children with autism together.

We have always believed that charity is not a passing phase, but a love that emanates from the heart and radiates fully of shine. Let's start from the heart, how big the heart is, how far we can go, see you next year~!