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Elevating FPV Racing: Tattu's New R-Line Version 5.0 Batteries, Inspired by Your Voice

Elevating FPV Racing: Tattu's New R-Line Version 5.0 Batteries, Inspired by Your Voice

Posted by Gensace Tattu on Feb 19th 2024

At Tattu, we believe in the power of community feedback and the collective voice of pilots and communities. It is with great excitement that we announce the latest additions to our R-Line Version 5.0 series, a direct response to the needs and suggestions of the FPV racing and freestyle communities.

Understanding the unique demands of FPV drone pilots, we've expanded our battery lineup to include new variants: 850mAh 3S 150C, 850mAh 4S 150C, 850mAh 6S 150C, 1050mAh 6S 150C, 1300mAh 4S 150C. This expansion is our commitment to providing more tailored power solutions, ensuring every pilot finds the perfect match for their drone.

Our R-Line Version 5.0 batteries are meticulously designed for 3 to 5-inch FPV drones, offering an optimal balance of weight and power to keep you competitive in the racing scene. The introduction of our innovative Al Boehmite technology marks a leap in battery performance, enhancing power consistency and ensuring your drone performs at its peak every time.

Key Features:

  1. Introduction of X technology with Al Boehmite for enhanced performance.
  2. Consistent and continuous power output for reliable flights.
  3. Reduced performance falloff even after multiple charge cycles.
  4. Elevated discharge platform for sustained high-speed action.
  5. Enhanced durability against impacts.

Stay ahead in the race with Tattu's R-Line Version 5.0 series, where power meets efficiency in the skies. All Tattu battery is a testament to our commitment to listening, innovating, and powering your passion for flight.