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All around improvement, Tattu R-line version 5.0 is available!

All around improvement, Tattu R-line version 5.0 is available!

Posted by Gensace Tattu on Oct 17th 2022

Tattu R-line Series is launching a new version in 2022 - Version 5.0 (V5), with a material formulation that takes advantage to the extreme and the first use of the AL Boehmite in cells, making an all-around improvement in performance and cycle life.

R-line series is Tattu's high-end product for FPV racing. Over the past 6 years we have continued to push the envelope and work with our pilots to create power that matches the changes in racing from generation to generation.

Rline V5 X technology Al Boehmite

What has improved?

1. First use of X technology AL Boehmite

2. Highly consistent and continuous power output

3. Less decrease in performance after cycles

4. Higher discharge platform

5. Resistance to dropping

6. Improved heat shrink material


tattu rline version 5.0 more safety and heat shrink material

With each evolution of R-line, the parameters have been updated and version 5.0 brings a high C Rating of 150C, C Rating is an indicator of the continuous and burst discharge rate of a LiPo battery. In short, the higher the C-Rating of the battery, the more current the battery pack can deliver consistently. It allows the FPV to have more power during takeoff.

If a battery has a low C rating, it is likely to have a higher internal resistance. The factor that affects the high c rate is usually the IR, which limits the maximum current output of a LiPo battery. When you increase the throttle, the battery voltage drops - a common problem called "voltage sag". The following pictures show the discharge platform data when the FPV is running. You can clearly see that the overall power output of the battery is more consistent, based on the performance optimization of version 5.0, so you can put all the problems out of your mind.

Rline V5 Voltage test

*There are about 523 voltage data per second. The chart takes the voltage to the nearest whole number of seconds. e.g. The voltage for the first second is 1.001004766s of the actual flight time.

In our multiple tests, it was demonstrated that the battery did not degrade significantly even after a number of cycles and that the flight time increased by at least 15S. These performance gains were also felt by the pilots and the following are their comments.

Rline V5 light weight

Alex Vanover: V5 is going well! I love the 1200 for freestyle! It feels very consistent. I may want to switch to the 1200 6s for overall flying.

Corey Tapp: Super long flight times with the 6s 1400s.

DarKex Killian Rousseau: The voltage drop IS still very good like 20.5 or 21v while i'm flying.

Thomas Bitmatta: Its ~3% more speed per lap! anything 3% or higher is something that can be felt comfortably without data, its good!!

Jake Capobres: The 1200 is the best battery I have flown. It had really good power for it's weight. It hold voltage very constant as well.

Silas Aaron: The v5 seems to in my experience hold a overall higher voltage throughout the pack and has less steep of a drop off towards the end. Overall feels nicer and the power output feels very consistent thought out the whole pack even in the last 5 seconds or so of the flight.

Konstantin Sonnentag: The V5 are also better at keeping quality with increase of cycles.Like from the first 15-20 cycles I can say that there is almost no decreas in performance... When I was really pushing it droped to around 22v but then stayed there for 1:30min, very impressive.

Lukáš Košata: I am really impressed with the performance, there is almost no voltage sag.

Thank you very much for all the helpful comments!

Tattu Rline Version 5.0

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